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Olsen Neighborhood

Olsen neighborhood is located north of 34th Ave & Ridgecrest neighborhood, to the south of Interstate Highway 40 & Avonbell neighborhood, east of Bell Ave & Belmar neighborhood and to the west of Western Ave & Lawrence Park neighborhood. This neighborhood is one of several in Amarillo that is divided between both Potter & Randall Counties, as well as Tascosa & Amarillo High School.

Homes in this area range from mostly the 1950's throughout the 1980's and are often in varying branches of the traditional ranch style. Olsen has quite a mixture of looks for the ranch style including several mid-century modern and split level ranch homes.

The two main roads running through the neighborhood are Olsen Blvd & Teckla Blvd, with Olsen Elementary School and Park located on Olsen Blvd.

Just east of the neighborhood is an enjoyable mixture of shopping and eating establishments located at Western Crossing Shopping Center and throughout the eastern end of Olsen Blvd.